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Factory motto: Honor   Team   Responsibility


 Motto: Rules, like family instructions.


Honor: Yongyao staff should be proud of the achievement and status achieved in the company, respect the excellent staff, and learn from the excellent staff.


Team: Yongyao staff should be equipped with teamwork spirit, and take the factory as their own home.


Responsibility: Yongyao staff should be dedicated in work, do their own work well, and fulfill their own duties. They should maximize the strength, and in case of conflict between individual goal and group goal, they should make self-sacrifice.


Management idea: Quality-oriented ----steady development

Enterprise spirit: Continuous learning   Make every effort

Enterprise spirit: It refers to common inner attitude, ideological level and ideals and pursuits that Yongyao staff are equipped with. It manifests Yongyao Company’s spiritual       outlook and enterprise atmosphere.Yongyao enterprise spirit requires that, in daily work, all staff must make frequent self-reflection, look for their own shortcomings, and make modest consultation in case of unclear problems, and meanwhile, they must make continuous learning so as to improve their working skills and self-quality.

Enterprise orientation: High quality   high efficiency    high profit

Enterprise vision: Top three manufacturing base of three-shuttle sewing machine within the industry.


Enterprise mission: Bring profit to users    bring income to employees   bring returns to shareholders


Enterprise mission: Mission of Yongyao Company, namely statement of its purpose of existence or the contributions that it ought to make to a certain aspect of social development.


Enterprise strategy: Division of labor and cooperation --- responsibility to certain people


Transformation and innovation --- optimization flow


Team building --- create the future

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