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Be user-centered, provide profit for customers and serve the staff

             Company value is the soul of company spirit, is selection of the company’s decision-makers toward the company nature, objective and operation mode, and is common concept accepted by the staff, and it could guarantee the staff to move forward toward uniform objective. Value outlook is a spiritual tie which connects the thoughts of the staff; value outlook is an internal impetus for survival and development of the enterprise; value outlook is the basis for the thinking pattern and code of act of the enterprise. The company value could generate cohesive force, and motivate the staff to exert their potential. The enterprise culture takes the value outlook as the core. However the society changes, the product will become out of fashion, the market will change, new technology will emerge constantly, and the management fashion is also changing rapidly, but, in excellent companies, the company value will not change since it represents the cause for the enterprise existence.


              Company value is conducive to helping the staff have united thought, make consistent steps and promote development. Numerous cases have proved that, the success of building of company value determines the survival of a company. For any company, only when individual value outlook of the majority of the staff of the company tends to be identical, the value outlook of the whole company could be formed. Therefore, all successful companies lay emphasis on building company value, and require the staff to worship and spread the value outlook of the company self-consciously.


          To center on creating value for users, to create profit for customers and to provide good working environment and welfare for staff are core value of Yongyao Company as well as the value ought to be accepted and equipped with by the broad leaders including the staff. Meanwhile, the staff must be equipped with the thinking pattern of being user-centered, and only in this way could the staff continuously create the working environment for making Yongyong become the first brand in China.


           As for the staff and leaders and other individuals, only when they are equipped with the thinking pattern of making sacrifice for others could they become high-quality talents required by the company, the industry and the staff, and only in this way could they better manifest the product value, team value and their own value. Others namely refer to the users, customers and staff. 1. Users. The users require high-quality and low-price product which could create value continuously, and they pursue for ideal high cost-effective products all the time: namely, product of the same price could bring a higher efficiency or lower working strength or higher quality enjoyment. 2. Customers. Anyway, the customers require profits, whether RMB 10 or 100, and as long as there is user demand, and as long as it could create profit for them continuously, they will try all their best to operate such product, and spare no pains to promote such product. In this way, the customers have improved the reputation of the product and the company unconsciously, thus creating a valuable product brand. 3. Staff. The so-called staff are just the key characters for achieving the above two points. Only when all our company’s management levels serve the staff and the colleagues in a better way and provide the staff with a better working environment and welfare continuously, could the staff be equipped with more impetus and enthusiasm to bring value to the company’s users and create profit for the customers. Management and supervision of the management level only aim at a small part of staff, who pursue for their own benefit at the cost of destroying the good working atmosphere, and even willfully infringe the many years of operating achievements of the company regardless of the company’s common value outlook. And the management level is just to supervise and guide such staff. While for the majority of the staff, the company’s management level should be equipped with the working attitude of serving the staff, which is similar to the service-oriented society advocated by the government at present.


         Be user-centered, and then customers and staff. Take care not to disorder the sequence. The customers and the broad staff are two big subjects serving the users as well as key characters for providing the users with high cost-effective products, and they shall be sub-centered. The staff of our Yongyao Company must have clear thought, and must commonly be equipped with such core value outlook. Only in this way could they develop themselves and create a powerful company. And this is also the vtgr advocated by Huawei, namely, turn the ass to the boss and turn the face to users and customers.


         The company’s value outlook sets up a spiritual support for the company’s survival and development, and is the criteria for the company leaders and staff for judging things, and once it is confirmed and becomes a consensus of the staff, it will generate long-term stability, and have long-standing spiritual support force toward the company. When individual value outlook is consistent with the company value, the staff will regard the company work as their own struggling ideal. During development process of the company, there will always be favorable circumstances or frustrations, and if a company could make its staff accept its value and be proud of the value, then the company is equipped with strong spiritual support for conquering various difficulties.


          To be user-centered, to bring profit to customers and to serve the staff, are core values of Yongyao Company. Only when the staff are equipped with such unified value outlook could the company become full of vitality and be equipped with executive force and creative power, and could various policies and plans be effectively initiated and operated, thus providing the highest cost-effective product for users constantly. And in the end, make the product more valuable, the team more value, and the staff themselves more valuable, and the company setting up such unified value outlook is sure to win at last. The key lies in that all colleagues must behave themselves and help others.


            Notes: As for whether the staff conforms to thinking pattern of the company’s value outlook or not, it does not merely lie in mouth talking, but the key lies in their behavior process and result.

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