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        Aftermarket process:
        First, the return process
        For our more enjoyable cooperation, please confirm your return to the following return conditions:
        1. Quality problems occur within 7 days after receipt of the goods;
        2. product packaging integrity;
        3. The items on the packing list are complete and no damage;
        4. The product is not damaged, such as broken, scratched, etc., and does not belong to the policy attached to the exemption clause;
        5. Whether the goods you requested to return are purchased from Yongyao Mall (
        After confirming compliance with the above five conditions, only by contacting our customer service for return procedures!
        Revelation: Please all the products, all kinds of accessories, including invoices (if any), courier courier to the customer service designated return address, and return the courier single with the online customer service can be informed.
        Second, the replacement procedures
        1: users will meet the conditions of the adverse products of the fuselage coding, purchase vouchers (or Yong Yao mall orders) to inform online customer service, and declare the product failure phenomenon.
        2: courier courier to the customer service specified return address, and return the courier single with the online customer service can be informed.
        3: Check by the company to confirm that it is a bad product, to return to return!
        Third, the replacement of the Notes
        1. You require replacement or repair of the product must be confirmed from the Yongyao Mall platform ( to buy.
        2. For the appearance of damaged products, not replaced.
        3. has been discontinued can not be replaced, replace the same grade of new products.
        4. Random gift of accessories, promotional items, etc. are not warranty, Baohuan range.
        5. Purchase product warranty card, registration of the fuselage code, Yong Yao mall shopping records, etc. are important documents for your service, please keep you safe, must be provided in each service!
        6. If you can not provide the above information, or the recorded information and fault products do not meet, or be altered, blurred, can not be identified, the failure of the product will not be provided by the Yongyao Mall platform after-sales service.

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