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        Twenty years ago, Yongyao Sewing Machinery Co., Ltd. in Yinzhou, Ningbo took the lead in production and innovation ofrotating hooks of sewing machine.
        Under the leadership of the President Wang Xiaoyong, the Company has always recruited Japanese experts as permanent counselors and has attracted more than twenty professionals to engage in scientific researches and development.
        The Company, sticking to quality-oriented philosophy and unremittingly pursuing improvement, has obtained 2 patents for invention, 18 utility patents as well as 6 appearance patents, showing excellent competiveness edges of core technologies.
        Products of the Company cover hundreds of models and types, applicable to most sewing machines of major brands,making its get the award of “2014 Top Five Preferred Brands for Rotating hooks of Sewing Machines”.
        The Company, with normative and standard management as well as rigorous quality system and on the customer-first basis, seeks for excellence and improvement in quality of each “needle” and each “stitch”. It has always carefully and truthfully considered the feedback and suggestions of each customer, for the purpose of making the customers realize and recognize the Company’s commitment, namely, “choose the hook never lock thread in the groove”.
        Since establishment until now, the Company has obtained a series of more than 400 sets of advanced CNC lathe,grinder, drillers, and milling machines. The area of the old factory is 5230 square meters and the area of new factory is 20999 square meters.It boasts 300 employees to produce 2 million sets of rotating hooks and 1.20 million sets of bobbin case in each year. Therefore, the Company enjoys a leading position as for comprehensive strength.
        Yongyao will, in the spirit of “continuous learning and improvement”, and adhering to the “quality-oriented and steady-development” operation philosophy, march forward courageously and make persistent efforts in the course of development so as to provide satisfying products and services to the customers. Yongyao is looking forward to joining hands with you to create prosperity and success!

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