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——Be people-oriented, and let the staff grow together with the company


         It is deemed by Yongyao that talents are fundamental for constant innovation and development of the enterprise, and high-quality talents team is just the most precious treasure accumulated during the development course of Yongyao.


         The company respects the staff, respects the personality and creativity of every staff, fully develops the staff’s independence, and encourages the staff to work hard and make long-term development in the company. The company has set up a scientific, reasonable and quite competitive salary system, perfected the internal incentive mechanism of the company, and fully mobilized the staff’s enthusiasm and creativity, so as to constantly strengthen the company’s cohesive force, and realize common development with the staff. Yongyao lays emphasis on creating an environment conducive to exerting maximum potential of the talents, and struggles to assist with the talents in achieving maximum development. The company not only provides the staff with broad space and various training conditions for full development within the company, and meanwhile, it also provides the staff with external space for self-development and opportunity for receiving continuing education, so as to fully embody their individual value, and at last realize synchronous development with the company, and realize the purpose of win-win between company value and individual value.


We provide you with: First-class working environment;

Working opportunity full of challenges;

Enterprise culture of equality and trust;

Cultivation mechanism which is sound and scientific;

Salary system full of competitiveness;

Perfect welfare guarantee system ……


We hope you could be equipped with: professional skills we require;

The entrepreneur spirit of making continuous pursuit for success;

The morality of being upright and self-disciplined;

The working attitude of dedication and cooperation;

The spirit of daring to challenge and making constant innovation ……


We sincerely hope you to join our team, to create a brilliant tomorrow for national automation industry jointly with us.


Yongyao pursues for an “elite team”, and under guidance of the talents policy of “people-oriented”, Yongyao has set up an elite team which takes Japanese experts as counselors and instructors, converges more than twenty professional R&D personnel, and is composed of bachelors, masters and senior school graduates and nearly more than three hundred outstanding personnel. And it is just such a batch of excellent talents who have common ideal and ambition, aggressiveness and courage to make innovation that has created the prosperity of national automation industry in China.

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