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         Dear little partner:
         Thank you for choosing Yongyao Mall official website to understand, buy Yong Yao hook and other products!
         YongYao Mall is a B2C shopping platform developed by Ningbo Yinzhou Yongyao Sewing Machinery Co., Ltd., which mainly deals with the parts and components of sewing equipment. Since the new revision on the line, Yongyao mall to adapt to the pace of development of information to meet the needs of consumers as the core, the majority of garment manufacturers to provide high-quality low-priced goods and rapid delivery services, the development rate far more than the sewing equipment industry Average. Before using the mall, please read the pre-sale instructions carefully to solve any problems you may have when purchasing your products!
       register log in
       The first step: click on the top right corner of the top of the "registration" to enter the registration page.
       Step 2: You can register by email / mobile number, follow the prompts to fill in the exact information, click Submit "Register Now".
                     Note: Please be sure to fill in the correct and effective email address, retrieve the password when you need to check the new password mail.
       The third step: registration is complete, click on the official website at the top of the "login" normal login account can be.
        Activate member
        Yongyao Mall official website products will be displayed according to the membership level of different prices. Yongyao company will be based on the contract signed between enterprises to determine the level of membership. When you first make this site, please register after contact with the official customer service, or by the customer to determine your membership level and then began to search for optional goods.
       Different membership level associated with different integral coefficient, the system will be based on membership level, purchase goods, consumption amount, credit limit and other parameters automatically statistics out of membership points. Please pay attention to the exchange activities of our upcoming member points.
       Search for goods
       You can enter the keyword search product, you can also enter the product application, select the search for goods, you can also click on the left side of the home page navigation guide to find the goods you need.put it in the cart.
        add to Shopping Cart
        In the search page or single product page click on the "purchase" goods will be added to the shopping cart, you can continue to select the goods into the shopping cart, together with the settlement.
        1) In the shopping cart, the system defaults to 1 item per item, if you want to purchase multiple items, you can modify the purchase quantity.
        2) In the shopping cart, you can move the item to the collection, or choose to delete, or you can empty the shopping cart operation, re-selection.
        3) In the shopping cart, you can directly view the discounts of the goods and participate in the promotional activities of the product name, promotional theme, or view Dangdang own "shipping instructions".
        4) shopping cart page below the goods in order: your collection of goods, buy the above goods customers also bought the goods, key products recommended, if you need the goods, click on the "into the shopping cart" can be.

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